Sydney-based Hutchy Collective specialises in functional and decorative designed products for life and home. Our range will expand over time. Launching the brand in 2015 is a selection of digitally printed pet beanbags and picnic blankets. We are enthusiastic to broaden the future Hutchy range to a collective of original products from designers creating by hand or small scale production. 

What's New

Striped Knit Print Picnic Blanket

Hutchy collective is a new venture for Caroline Quaine, a Sydney-based designer. As a director of  Norman and Quaine since 1993 Caroline has had career history in designing furniture. The term Hutchy intimates a cocooned home environment. She has a passion for  individual homes mixing colour with pattern and texture and old with new. Hutchy collective brings together her skills in coordinating design and manufacture to small scale desirable home and lifestyle accessories. As a designer-maker she believes wholeheartedly in originality whether employing hand-crafted or mechanised skills.

At Hutchy we love beautiful functional everyday objects for the havens we call home. As a collective Hutchy will grow to include products from a number of local designers and makers. 

Vladimir Ivanov is an award winning Sydney architect. He has a passion for making decorative, fun objects. His range of CNC and laser cut flat packed products are available now through Hutchy.