For the Charlie Pet Bed

Q How do I care for the product? A Wash in cool water on a gentle cycle and dry in the shade

Q Is the product weatherproof? A The product is intend for interior use. If left in the rain we recommend removing the bean insert and drying in the sun.

Dry outer cover in the shade as some colours are vulnerable to UV rays.

Q What is the fabric composition? A 100% polyester outer and nylon inner liner

Q Are the zips childsafe?  A The openings to both cover and liner have child-reistant slide fasteners. Australian safety regulations require that beanbags are sold without zipper pull tags. They can be opened with a paperclip but please remove after filling.

Q Where do I buy beans? A At department or discount stores that sell bean bags. Kmart sell 100litre bags of beans for $12

Q How many beans will I require? A 1 x 100 litre bag is sufficient. Fill to accommodate your pet's size allowing a hollow in the centre. The large size will require approx 3/4 of the bag and the medium size approx half. Beans are difficult to handle so ensure that you put the bag of beans into the liner prior to opening. The liners are oversized to fill to allow ease in putting the inner into the outer cover by allowing the beans to flow from outside to fill inside. When your pet creates a hollow the beans will fill the cover to the corners.

Q What if my pet doesn't like beans? A Some animals take a while to get used to the sound of the beans. If it proves problematic we suggest using a soft filling of foam bits.